Hi, I am Michaela, the founder of Wanderfood. My relationship with food goes back in time to my family home. Our kitchen was the centre of all action, food was eaten around a round table over long conversations 'til late at night with friends and family. 

It was a time, where everything was simpler. Food was the centre of our home and a reason to be together and share time in joy.

At Wanderfood we believe that food and our personal relationships should have integrity and wholesome feeling and so, we carry that love for simplicity into the relationship with food. Whole food, made with love, eaten together. 

Sharing and gathering with family, friends and colleagues is not just a feast for the senses, but for the eyes, the soul and the heart. Sharing that love and joy with others is what we do best. Desserts that are tasty, simple and wholesome.

In a world where we can often feel disconnected, we celebrate small moments through food and culture. Good food isn't complicated. It's about bringing the best ingredients together, that are often the most simple, and turning whole ingredients into magic. 

Working in the food industry is full of joy for us, we love seeing happy customers returning and expressing gratitude which makes it all worthwhile. Working at boutique markets and events in and around the Sydney area is a wonderful way to connect with the people who love what we do. Seeing them come back for more, is what inspired us to move our face-to-face business to also include these online offerings. While we're Sydney based, we also travel to cater your events as far as the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and up the NSW north coast. 

We strive to keep learning and developing new ideas and offerings, and we're inspired by the forever changing and exciting world of healthy eating. Just like in art, the possibilities are infinite.

All of our offerings are a way to create wholesome memories by sharing and celebrating food with the people you love to connect with, all year round. 

We hope that with Wanderfood you will enjoy little moments of what life is all about, building memories at work, and with the people you love .

wanderfood catering perfect location with amazing view of bondi beach sydney NSW Australia

Wanderfood is based in Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia.